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Phil taps into the love of Jesus

by on February 12, 2014

Our neighbour Carla (not her real name) had a problem: her tap was running constantly and couldn’t be turned off. For – get this – for months. She had no money to fix it. The real estate agent said the owner won’t fix it. No go.

I went to visit Carla, and stood helplessly watching her tap as it emptied the contents of Warragamba into her sink.

Can you imagine it? Every day, every night, that tap was running. Not dripping, running. It’s just the sort of thing that goes on in this part of the world.

Enter our local men’s network. We’ve been developing this over the past couple of years. It’s created a kind of brains trust of various skills that people can draw on at need. This time, we needed plumbing.

Phil (his real name!) understands plumbing. He also understands about serving the poor in the name of Jesus. So Phil put up his hand, I took him around to meet Carla, grinder in hand.

45 minutes later, Carla had two beautiful new kitchen taps that didn’t drip at all. She also had a big smile.

She’d never met Phil before, but I’m guessing it won’t be the last time they meet.

I left feeling so happy – because Carla got help. I was even happier because I’d got to be a part of it. Actually I just stood and watched as Phil did all the work. But I was there! Carla was happy, and I reckon Phil was happy too.

I love seeing the love of Jesus at work bringing people together, making people’s lives better.

Praise God for his amazing gift!

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