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Massive breakthrough

by on February 24, 2014

Yesterday we were privileged to witness an extraordinary breakthrough in the life of one of our neighbours, through her involvement with our church community.

Olive (not her real name) was a shut-in. Housebound for many years. Plagued by anxiety. Scared of the whole world. Too fearful to go out. Trapped in a tiny flat.

Through the ministry of Christian and Michael and Lisa and Keith, faithfully visiting her and her husband, Olive found the courage to leave her flat. About two years ago she came out and re-visited the outside world. It was to come to lunch at our house with people from the church family.

Then Olive came to a couple of our community events, up at St Pauls. Cultural celebration days, carols by candlelight, whatever. As long as it was us running it, Olive felt safe to come. Then she started coming to our Sunday service sometimes. With her husband. Always with her husband. She would never dream of going out of the flat without him.

Until yesterday.

We’d invited them to lunch at our house, but Arthur (nhrn) was not well. He stayed home.

But Olive came! She left the house without Arthur, came across the road, and spent two happy hours with friends in our back yard over a barbie. (Of course by now she knows us all.)

That visit was a massive breakthrough for Olive.

Olive has been learning about Jesus, but we don’t really know where she stands, where her heart is.

But something’s going on isn’t it.

What do you reckon – which power is breaking through the deep-entrenched fears that have imprisoned Olive for so long?

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