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Women’s bible reading tool: Bible story timeline

by on March 21, 2014

Many of the women coming to our new women’s bible reading group will not have an overall grasp of the Bible’s story. Reading a (for them) random chapter, they’ll probably feel a bit at sea.

So we’ve prepared a Bible story timeline which we’ll put in the booklet. Each session we’ll encourage people to identify where we are up to in the bigger story. Just make a mark on the timeline, that sort of thing. Should help people get their bearings. Orientation.

Not easy to do a simple timeline. Too simple, and it won’t give enough info to help people find their place. Too busy, and it will be hard to interpret at all.

Here’s what we’ve come up with so far.

Comments? Suggestions?

The Story of the bible chart

click on image to enlarge

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  1. dan permalink

    What?! No Deutero Isaiah?

    • Sorry Dan. Scandalous to over-simplify in this way. No Trito either. Nor Zechariah, which is sadder…

  2. this looks good Jono, I might steal it for a seminar I’m giving this Sunday 🙂

    Perhaps ‘return from exile’ doesn’t capture the continued waiting aches: a lot of the diaspora stayed put, the temple was only built scaled down, the monarchy never re-established, and the nations were certainly not streaming to the radiance of Jerusalem.

    • Christian, welcome. I see you’re blogging now. NIce one.

      “Return from exile” certainly doesn’t capture all of that. And now it only remains for you to share with us your alternative suggestion, for a two or three word phrase that does capture it.

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