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Secret kindness

by on April 4, 2014

get-well-soon-6561821I was walking back from school drop-off when a lady in a parked car signalled to me. It was Elvira, a Spanish speaking neighbour. She started attending our women’s bible group, but then she got sick and couldn’t come.

Elvira was waving a card at me. I crossed the road to her car.  ‘I got the card in my letterbox!’ she called to me, excitedly. Card? What card, I wondered. “Thankyou so much” she said.

Then I remembered, Vicki, a woman from our church, had said she might drop in a ‘get well’ card. Turns out she did, and she signed the card, from your friends at Canterbury Community Church. Vicki didn’t even put her own name on it!

So there I was, taking credit for Vicki’s kindness. No problem. We’re a team…

I did tell Elvira about Vicki, though.

She was very happy to receive that card. I was very happy to have agents of secret kindness in our church family, reaching out to our neighbours.

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