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You came looking for me!

by on April 29, 2014

We sat in a cafe, and Terry told me about his decades in the wilderness, far away from his Catholic church, far away from faith in Christ.

“About eight years ago I thought I’d try to kind of reconnect, so I went and saw the priest near where I was working. I went after work, maybe I shouldn’t have bothered him in the evening. Anyhow, I asked him, ‘Can I talk with you, Father?’ But he wasn’t pleased at all. He said, ‘Alright, you can have five minutes.’ Well, that put me right off, I couldn’t go on with it then. I just said, I’m sorry, I think I’ve made a mistake. Sorry to have bothered you. And that was it. So I feel like I tried to come back, but it didn’t get too far.”

“But the funny thing now” continued Terry,  “is, you found me. This time I didn’t come looking for you, you invited me over. It’s like the opposite of what happened last time. I like that.”

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