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Brownies for mums

by on May 11, 2014

We had heaps of fun today making brownies at home, and then delivering them to mums in the neighbourhood. The kids got involved, there’s a lot they can do, it’s pretty easy actually. Measuring, pouring, sifting, whisking. They love it.

Then we went out visiting. Everyone is pleased to see you when you come bearing brownies. We had lots of happy mums. It’s especially good for discouraged or lonely mums: nothing like a chocolate-rich brownie to cheer the maternal heart! And there were definitely a few hearts that needed cheering.

People around here need a lot of persuading that you really care about them. That’s why brownies are so good. Edible love – that’s what you’re giving. It bypasses the stomach, and goes straight to the heart. This is a ministry practice we learned from Christian Anderson, back when he was here with us. Since he left, the brownie production has dropped off a bit, so it was about time we fired it back up. 

It’s so easy to make a connection. Or to strengthen existing ones. Actually we only visited mums we already knew. But we did meet some other family members for the first time. We visited households from Ecuador, Italy, Kenya, China, Brazil, Ireland, Iran. Oh, and Australia! Gave the rest to mums at our Sunday gathering.

And now – we’re tired! Can’t think of many better ways to get tired.

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