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What about the non-readers?

by on May 20, 2014

I have local blokes who are happy to meet up with me. Happy to discuss faith issues. But not happy to read the bible together. I think it’s just that they are non-readers. Serious non-readers. The idea of reading with or in front of someone else, scares them.

So how do I take things further with them, in Christian discipleship? Anyone got any suggestions?

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  1. Charlie Ellis permalink

    What about an audio bible? You could sit and listen together?

  2. Yup. That’s definitely worth trying.

  3. Another way is incorporate bible story telling in daily conversation. See also for example.

    Wycliffe also run a 3 days training on bible story telling, very inspiring. It’s coming up this June . See

    • Great idea, P. Thanks. I’ve been to one of those training days, it was helpful.

  4. I was thinking similar to P [What’s with all the single letter things for your names? Wondering if mine will now come up at R. Feels like a Cold War cloak and dagger saga 🙂 ]

    Perhaps the way to start would involve you either retelling one of the parables of Jesus and then you guys chatting about what Jesus means.

    Or you memorise a specific portion of an epistle. For instance Colossians 1:15-20. You say it. Repeat it again. Then work through it line by line. ‘God’s word says: ‘He is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation’ – what do you think that means?…’

    I wonder too if a way to help them into reading God’s Word would be to memorise those portions but also take with you a small print out of the passage – A6. Plonk that down, quote the Scripture without refering to the words on the page.But have it there. Perhaps four weeks in, you use it to show them something. Perhaps 10 weeks after that, that piece of paper is replaced with an actual bible.
    Those would be some initial thoughts.

    You probably know it but Chester had a section on non-readers in his book (below) – I dont remember the specifics but perhaps worth seeing if he chatted about what you’re thinking on.

    Chester, Tim. Unreached: Growing Churches in Working-class and Deprived Areas. Nottingham: Inter-Varsity Press, 2012.

    • Thanks R!

      Some helpful leads.

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