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Multi-ethnic Lord’s Prayer

by on August 1, 2014

Imagine every tribe and tongue all calling on God in their own language, together. Like a taste of heaven! That’s what we’re wanting for Canterbury Community Church. Here’s the Lord’s prayer page we’re putting in our folders. It’s just a small start, but it’s a start.

Lord's Prayer

click on the image to enlarge

btw I’m having trouble with the Tamil. I’ve been told the wording is not quite right. If you can help, or know someone who can, please let me know.

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  1. JonB permalink

    Hey Jono, did you know that there is a church at the top of the Mt of Olives called ‘Pater Noster’ (that spelling could be wrong) which has the Lord’s prayer in hundreds of languages from around the world?

    • That’s totally awesome, I want to go there and see that.

      I wonder if they include the (protestant) last lines??? 🙂

      thanks Jon!

  2. Hi Jon, Nahomi lives in Auckland and has experience with Tamil – see or you can find her on facebook. Hope that helps!

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