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A new bishop for the Georges River Region

by on October 17, 2014

Smiles all round as Bishop Elect Lin is welcomed with applausefrom the Sydney Anglicans website:

New bishop announced

The Archbishop turned his attention to the Georges River area, one of the five regions of the Sydney Diocese and one which has undergone transformation into one of Sydney’s most multi-cultural areas. Due to the ongoing effects of the financial downturn, there had not been sufficient funds to appoint a new bishop since the retirement of Bishop Peter Tasker from full-time oversight in 2009.

“Owing to the generosity of some businessmen whom I specifically approached to fund this project and who have committed themselves to do so for the next three years” the Archbishop said “I am therefore delighted to announce that I have this day appointed the Reverend Peter Robert Lin as the Bishop of Georges River Region from 2015.”


This is good news for the region. Peter is one of the few people in the diocese who know about multicultural ministry and mission. Peter has overseen the planting of churches in the Fairfield area over the past decade or more. He has a heart for the region, and runs on the board. The right man for the job.

We welcome Peter’s appointment, and look forward to his taking up the role in the new year.

This is a good time to pay tribute also to Bishop Peter Tasker, possibly the man in the diocese who best understands cross-cultural issues. Peter has overseen the Georges River region in an honorary capacity over the past few years, since his premature retirement at age 70. He has been an ongoing encouragement and counsellor to me in the ministry here at Canterbury. I have benefitted from his wise advice and his enthusiasm and insights into the business of mission. He is still full of life and energy – puts me to shame!

I thank God for one Bishop Peter’s ministry – and look forward to that of the new Bishop Peter!

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