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“Next time I’ll just come for prayer!”

by on February 11, 2015

One of the things we’ve found most effective in minist_s5a2528wh_3x2__largeering to our neighbours is prayer. Many people around here are happy for us to lay hands on them and pray over them. We’ve gradually worked this out and are making more and more use of it.

Often when we do this, it’s the first time the person has ever been prayed over in their life. This can be profoundly moving, and leave a lasting impression.

Often and often people will come back later to tell us of ways the prayer has been answered.

The other day we prayed over a neighbour, A, who was going for some tests after health troubles. She was feeling anxious about going, so she came over and we listened then offered to pray over her. After we finished she seemed a bit happier.

Next day she came back and told Elise, “In future I think I’ll skip the doctors and just come for prayer. It left me feeling a whole lot better, whereas the doctor didn’t do anything for me.” This was possibly a little unfair on the doctor! But it gives you a sense of what prayer meant for her.

This is something every believer can do.

If we want to get Christ onto the street, then maybe a good way to start is brining prayer onto the street!

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