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Hillsong does something right

by on September 21, 2015

For 13 years, Hillsong member Glenn Olney has been knocking on the same doors on Perigee Close in Doonside in Sydney’s western suburbs. Today, almost everyone answers. Many are waiting for him when we arrive on the circular street early on a Saturday morning in June. But it wasn’t always that way.

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  1. Hillsong and the AoG / ACC descend from Salvation Army and Wesleyan movement.

    They don’t have shame to use popular culture and bands, they use practical care, , they are ‘methodical’ and rigorous church planters, they are not reformed in theology nor are they high church in style ….

    Why say ‘do something right’ ?

    I’ve seen good Reformed churches burnt by immoral ministers, crippled by legalism , liberalism or overly political, all with a high sense of ‘at least we are not like the penty charo’ . Prosperity gospel? Hyper faith? Lack of the cross? Hocus pocus mumbo jumbo jabber jabber speak in tongues?

    I think you’d be surprised by the cross-centre of many churches otherwise maligned. More respectful balanced commentary/ reporting like this is great to see.



    • Thanks for your comment, Jennifer. Some of our readers here may well share that negative stereotyped view of Hillsong, hence the title of the post.

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